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Want to sing with a great adult choir?

What MSG offers

  • We provide a fun, supportive, and friendly space for you to grow as a singer
  • We don’t accept that “community choir” should mean low quality and cringeworthy singing
  • We focus on quality music - either bespoke or high-quality commercial arrangements created for our singers
  • We source music that has an uplifting message, some sense of soul & purpose, or enduring value
  • We don't just sing songs, but provide an all-round experience developing your vocal technique, musical understanding, and provide opportunities for you to perform
  • We wholeheartedly embrace diversity and welcome singers from every age group, ethnicity, musical background, gender, and sexuality. Our community thrives on the unique richness that each individual brings
  • Our home genre is music inspired by the African-American heritage, including Soul, Gospel, Blues, and RnB. We sing gospel, but are a secular group.

Is MSG for me?

  • I'm aged 18 - 80 years old
  • I'm passionate about singing and want to sing with others
  • I can commit to weekly rehearsals in Port Melbourne but occasionally might have to miss a rehearsal
  • I want to perform (sing) with others
  • I've taken other classes in the past (piano lessons, skiing, karate, pottery, gym) and know that I'm interested in self-development and group learning
  • I've been involved in choirs or music groups in the past and really want to get back into it and get excited about music again
  • I've never been in choirs before but do have a handle on the basics of singing
  • When necessary, I can revise my music and lyrics at home if you give me the resources I need
  • I'm interested in singing contemporary styles - Soul, Blues, Gospel, Jazz, R&B
  • I want more than a casual sing-a-long. I want to be challenged vocally and musically

Who MSG is NOT for

  • I'm under 18yo
  • I just want something casual and don't have time for a regular commitment
  • I can't sing in tune or don't have a handle on the basics of singing.
  • If someone heard me sing, I'd die of embarrassment
  • I would likely feel uncomfortable in a diverse community environment or rehearsing in a church hall
  • I feel uncomfortable singing music that sometimes mentions God, Jesus or Christian symbols. MSG is not a church group and strives to select inclusive and joyous music, but we do sing some Gospel music
  • I'm on a tight budget and could not commit to quarterly choir fees

Show me what it feels like to sing in MSG


How does it work?

  • MSG rehearses for 4 seasons a year. A season is approx 9 weeks and corresponds with the Victorian school term dates
  • Each season finishes with a feature event such as a concert, collaboration, recording and some optional social events
  • Rehearsals take place on Tuesday nights in Port Melbourne, commencing 7:30pm and finish 9:30pm
  • Rehearsals cover some vocal techniques, music learning, movement and performance craft
  • We provide you with sheet music and access to recordings to help you learn your music

How does someone join the choir?

1. Do some research.

  • Read about our choir. Perhaps check out some YouTube videos. 

2. Register your interest.   

3. Try us out

  • We'll invite you to attend a “try us out” night
  • We’ll meet with you to discuss how the choir works and the commitment needed
  • You’ll participate in a rehearsal with the choir, have an opportunity to see the choir in action and you’re encouraged to join in and sing with us
  • You’ll have an opportunity to meet some of the choir members and to raise questions about your membership
  • There is no cost to attend the try out

4. Decide if you can commit to the choir

  • We may not always be recruiting new members to all sections and if so we will keep your details on a waiting list
  • If we have a place for you, our membership administrator will let you know your options
  • You need to agree to our terms and conditions
  • All singers are financial members of MSG’s parent association, Heaven on Earth, Inc.
  • Membership fees are due quarterly at the start of each school term or half yearly
  • You can drop out at any time but the minimum financial commitment is one season 
5. Voice Check
  • We don’t audition or exclude members based on their ability and experience. However, we do have a few basic requirements which we will assess during a quick (10 min) check of your voice.
  • Your voice needs to be healthy and free from any vocal health problems that would preclude you from singing
  • You need to be able to sing in tune and match pitch
  • You need to be singing in a range that is comfortable and healthy for you
  • We will assign you to a section – either Soprano, Alto, Tenor, or Bass
6. Receive your welcome pack
  • We’ll supply you with some onboarding information and resources, including sheet music, diary dates, contact people
  • Sheet music remains the property of the choir and must be returned if you leave

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Our vision is to be the leading community choir connecting adults with inspiring music through the joy of singing, supporting our purpose; Inspiring you to find your voice.


Are you a young musician wanting to gain experience?

If you are studying music or singing, or in the very early stages of your career in music, our Internship program could be for you. Visit our Interns page to hear more and complete an application. 

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